Urbanism Summit Awards

The Urbanism Summit Awards is a celebration spotlighting professionals, students, and community stakeholders practicing people-centric and collaborative urbanism.  

How It Works

The awards’ nomination, submissions, and voting will take place online on our website. There will be both a juried review and popular vote to select winners. Categories will include various disciplines focusing on the future of cities, their makers and dwellers. The Urbanism Summit Awards will be presented in person at our special event. Stay tuned! 

The Design

We have prototyped the awards using wood and machine etching. The Urbanism Summit emblem will be included as a metal inlay to finish the design. We support environmentally sustainable practices in any industry. The first edition of Urbanism Summit Awards will be created from a 65 year old reclaimed mulled “Quebracho” or “ax breaker” wood. The density of the wood can be felt in the weight of each award.

Urbanism Summit

Founding Sponsorship Available

We look forward to many years ahead celebrating people doing great work in urbanism. Your support will be foundational and forever connected to our story.